Correspondents are challenged to maintain margins, and growing those profit margins is tougher than ever.

Capsilon helps correspondents increase their margins by speeding production times while reducing operational costs and buy-backs.

Why Do Leading Correspondents Choose Capsilon?

Reduce Labor Costs
An optimized workflow eliminates manual bottlenecks by automating routine tasks, reducing labor by up to 80%.
Speed Loan Boarding
Automated Document Recognition (ADR) technology automatically recognizes, names, and indexes more than 250 common mortgage documents, reducing the time it takes to onboard loans by up to 90%.
Deliver Fully-Compliant Loans Quickly
Define loan packaging rules and package loans for investor delivery with the click of a button. A missing documents report and visual quality control tools ensure completeness and quality before a loan is delivered.
Deliver Pools of Loans Efficiently
Batch delivery capabilities give you the power to assemble pools of loans, perform quality checks, and deliver according to investor requirements.
Collaborate Effectively
Securely share documents and loan files with lenders and other third parties to expedite communications and resolve issues quickly.
Ensure Compliance
Automated loan evaluation capabilities move quality control to the front of the process.