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Intelligent Process Automation: Go Beyond Robotics to Produce Mortgages Faster, and More Profitably

As loan production expenses continue to rise, and productivity declines, mortgage lenders are turning to automation technologies for help. But with so many technologies to consider, how does a lender make sense of it all? This white paper examines how Intelligent Process Automation technology uses contextual intelligence to automatically complete key steps in the mortgage production process. With Intelligent Process Automation, lenders increase the velocity of loan production, reduce loan production costs, and free their employees to focus on higher value activities. Click Here To Download PDF

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The Modern Digital Mortgage Factory: Moving Beyond Automation

As a mortgage executive, you dream of leading your industry by processing quality loans quickly, working as cost-effectively as possible, and providing a positive customer experience. You can achieve these benefits and more by embracing a new concept: the modern digital mortgage factory. This factory uses innovative technology to automate and enhance loan production processes in ways that save you time and money. Download this white paper to learn how to build your own modern digital mortgage factory, and what benefits you can expect to achieve once you’ve made the transition.

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The New Paradigm for Mortgage Loan Closing

The current regulatory environment has forced lenders to modify their closing processes and lenders need to adopt a new paradigm to stay compliant. This white paper examines how TRID has dramatically changed the closing process, and outlines what lenders need to do to achieve timely, cost-effective, compliant closings. “The New Paradigm for Mortgage Loan Closing” will provide the information you need to: Speed time-to-close by collaborating electronically with settlement partners to validate and finalize fees Eliminate errors using automated TRID tolerance checks and version-control for all Loan Estimates and Closing Disclosures Contain costs by automating key steps in the closing process Enter your information to the right to download Capsilon’s new white paper. You’ll learn how the right technology can help you speed time-to-close, eliminate errors, and contain mortgage closing costs.

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Moving Beyond TRID: How to Automate Compliance Checks – and Your Entire Mortgage Workflow

Mortgage lenders spent most of 2014 and 2015 taking steps towards TILA-RESPA compliance and have solutions in place. But are the solutions going to help lenders streamline their loan production processes and help control or reduce labor costs? Whatever approach you’ve chosen to comply with TRID, now is the time to evaluate your entire loan production process and select the right technology to help you optimize your workflow while automating quality and compliance checks. 67% have hired additional in-house staff or outsourced staff to handle compliance-related activities, driving up loan production costs. 82% plan on spending more on technology in 2015. 79% expect their loan production costs to be higher in 2015 than it was in 2014. Download the white paper today to learn how to move beyond TRID by implementing the right technology to optimize your entire mortgage workflow, and your bottom line.

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Capsilon DocVelocity: Enterprise Technology for the Mortgage Industry

DocVelocity is a best-of-breed SaaS technology platform built exclusively for the mortgage industry. This white paper addresses the primary concerns of any IT or operations executive responsible for streamlining the mortgage lending process: Performance and Scalability – Will the application provide great performance and continue to do so as our workloads grow? Reliability and Business Continuity – Will the applications and the data be readily available to the users? How is the business protected from unseen disruptions? Is a replicated secure remote site available to ensure business continuity? Security – Are the documents which represent the loan assets secure and in full control of the mortgage lender? Will the lenders continue to stay in compliance for the protection of consumer data? Take a couple seconds to fill out the form and you will learn how Capsilon DocVelocity can provide the performance, reliability, and security your business needs.

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Optimizing the Loan Production Equation: Practical Strategies for Producing Higher Quality Loans Faster

Mortgage lenders are more concerned than ever about loan quality. A heightened focus on loan quality and compliance has led to greater loan production costs and has significantly lengthened loan turn times. The industry needs a new equation — one in which lower-cost, automated processes throughout the loan life cycle speed turn times while leading to better loan quality on the back end. This white paper explains how the combination of best practices with the right document and data management platform enables mortgage lenders to overcome the industry’s biggest challenges. Use Automated Document Recognition to streamline onboarding. Use an intuitive interface that allows side-by-side document viewing. Collaborate in a centralized workspace. Extract data automatically. Assign work strategically and improve quality with validation queues. Deliver complete loan packages with one click. Preserve a single source of the truth. Get More Done with the Same Staff. Download the white paper today!

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