In today’s regulatory environment, quality is paramount. The manual “stare-and-compare” method of validating data and quality is costly and error-prone.

And, this approach offers little insight into root causes of quality lapses, so quality control auditors lack the analytics necessary to prioritize improvement activities. Capsilon’s QC Automation can help.

Automate Compliance Checks
Automated Data Extraction technology lets auditors and compliance officers automatically extract the critical data needed from any number of loan documents, compare values, run the data through a rules engine, and flag any values that fall outside of established parameters.
Perform Second Look Audits Quickly & Efficiently
Automatically identify and flag any exceptions outside of established parameters that require further review.
Quickly Perform Pre-Funding Audits
Easily identify loans that violate guidelines and prevent them from closing.
Access Complete Audit Trails
Comprehensive audit trails log all changes made and actions taken, when and by whom.