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Capsilon IQ

Capsilon IQ

Capsilon IQ is the cloud-based SaaS platform at the heart of the next-gen mortgage. It combines Intelligent Process Automation with our patented data recognition and extraction technology to create massive efficiencies at every stage of the mortgage lifecycle.

  • Speed up loans: Automate up to 80% of mortgage work
  • Reclaim time: Recapture 10 working hours per employee per week
  • Reduce cost: Close more loans with less work and risk

Capsilon IQ is quick to deploy and integrates with existing LOS and third-party systems.



Extend Capsilon IQ with productivity boosting apps that speed up teams and tasks, solving the biggest pain points that weigh mortgage companies down.

Capsilon Document Audit

Speed up loan intake and clear conditions faster. Spot missing docs immediately, notify collaborators in real-time and see when docs come in.

Capsilon Data Audit

No more 'stare and compare'. Free up staff time spent searching for docs and data. See and compare data mismatches and supporting documents in one place.

Capsilon Instant Underwriter

Make rapid, informed loan eligibility decisions with perfected data. Automatically calculate income, analyze credit, and assess eligibility based on business rules. Learn more.



Empower every person on your team with fast, intuitive user interface easily configured to fit into their workflow. Automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on delivering greater value to your company and create better customer experience.


Developer Tools

We make it easy to integrate our solutions with your existing LOS and other third-party providers through a full suite of developer tools, including APIs, plugins, and connectors.

The Capsilon Advantage


Automate 80% of manual processes


Get a leap in productivity across your business


Easily integrate with your existing systems

Enterprise grade

Work with a partner who knows your business

End-to-end solutions

Get more tools from one provider

Risk Mitigation

Reduce risk with systems not subject to human error


Calculate how much time and money you can save in your mortgage operations with Capsilon

The Capsilon platform delivers an average of 400% ROI in the first year. Our customers recapture 10 hours of workforce time per employee per week.

We transform how mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers work

Learn how Capsilon help improve your productivity and customer satisfaction
without overhauling your existing infrastructure