Elevate the Customer Experience
Offer a streamlined loan application process that provides an intuitive workflow and the timely updates consumers expect.
Boost Efficiency
Streamline pricing, automate required documents verification, and automatically match documents to conditions.
Accelerate Loan Production
Automatically generate a list of required documents consistent with the loan program chosen, and validate document uploads to ensure you accept only “underwriter-ready” loans.
Slash Labor Costs
Automate document submission and verification processes to automatically set up loans.
Mitigate Compliance Risk
Automate TRID disclosure checks and Loan Estimate (LE) fee generation.
Deploy Rapidly
A rich integration platform with robust APIs enables integration with leading LOS’s.
Capsilon TPO Portal
Become Your Brokers’ Lender of Choice
  • Increase accuracy, reduce labor costs and eliminate rework with automated loan submission.
  • Expedite loan management with a loan pipeline view to review key loan details without opening individual loans.
  • Speed loan submissions with the Loan Dashboard’s task-driven workflow.
Capsilon Loan Officer Portal
Make it Easy for Your Loan Officers to Close Business
  • Reduce compliance risk by providing borrowers with Loan Estimate (LE) screening questions and automating LE fee creation.
  • Ensure compliance with TRID disclosure notifications and corresponding timeline requirements.
  • Eliminate loan submission errors by supplying required documents at time of loan registration.
  • Expedite loan submission by employing bulk document upload.
Capsilon Consumer Portal
Elevate the Consumer Experience
  • Boost customer satisfaction with a user-friendly, intuitive interface and automated tools to streamline the application process.
  • Help borrowers understand loan options with tools that identify loan amount, monthly payment, cost-to-close, pricing scenarios and loan comparisons.
  • Keep borrowers on track with a loan process timeline, tracking guides, and status updates.