Capsilon helps mortgage companies board loans in a fraction of the time.

Our patented Automated Document Recognition (ADR)

technology automates the naming and indexing of more than 250 common industry document types to consistently board quality loans faster every time.

Speed Loan Boarding
Automated Document Recognition (ADR) technology identifies, names, and indexes more than 250 common mortgage documents, so you can onboard up to 90% faster.
Expedite the Creation of Loan Folders
Separate individual documents without separator sheets, convert documents to digital images, and automatically organize documents into proper loan folders.
Get the Data You Need
Automated Data Extraction (ADE) technology captures the critical data you need, and transforms the data to MISMO data types for consumption by automation engines.
Board Documents From Multiple Channels
Accept documents via fax, email, SFTP, HTTP and more.
Use the Interface That Works For You
Drag-and-drop documents on your desktop, snap-and-upload via mobile, upload from anywhere with our Web client, upload via print driver, and more.
Seamlessly Integrate With Your LOS
A rich API set makes it easy to integrate automated loan boarding with leading LOS’s.

Our users would hate to work in a world with paper files again.

Nicole Zaguroli Main Street Bank