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Turbocharge Encompass® with Capsilon

We've partnered with Ellie Mae to seamlessly connect Encompass® and Capsilon, helping mortgage lenders improve workflows, automate manual tasks and enable smarter decision making at every step.


✓  Improve the borrower experience by simplifying the collection of loan data & evidence from every source

✓  Reduce risk by ensuring clean, accurate data is distributed to the LOS and other business applications

✓  Shorten cycle times and increase employee productivity with automation and data-driven workflows

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How Does it Work?

Watch the video below to see the Capsilon - Encompass integration in action

We help companies in mortgage automate their business with trusted data.

About Capsilon

We help companies in mortgage automate their business with trusted data.

Our mission is to transform the entire mortgage experience with technology solutions that create significant efficiencies and enable better decision-making at every step. We use data and AI to automate manual tasks and enable better, faster decision-making. All that starts with Capsilon IQ.

Capsilon IQ

Capsilon IQ

The cloud-based SaaS platform at the heart of the next-gen mortgage:


✓ Speed up loans: Automate up to 80% of mortgage work

✓ Reclaim time: Recapture 10 working hours per employee, per week

✓ Reduce cost: Close more loans with less work and risk


Capsilon IQ is quick to deploy and integrates with existing LOS and third-party systems, combining Intelligent Process Automation with our patented data recognition and extraction technology.

15+ years working with top mortgage companies


"The first day we were blown away - our underwriters were almost giddy - by how quickly we could access loan folders and traverse documents."

Pat Shroeder, Home Point Financial

"Capsilon has the most intuitive software I've ever worked with in my life."

Darlene Sweet, Regency Mortgage Corporation

"Capsilon has been key to helping UWM become #1."

Mat Ishbia, United Wholesale Mortgage