Lenders and settlement agents need an electronic solution that is secure, easy to use, and performs compliance checks automatically.

The Capsilon Collaborative Closing Centerâ„¢ is a secure solution that enables lenders to collaborate electronically with settlement agents to speed the mortgage loan closing process and reduce costs while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Control The Closing Disclosure Creation Process
From initiating electronic collaboration with settlement agents to creation and distribution of the final Closing Disclosure, Capsilon puts you in control.
Automate TRID Tolerance Checks
Automatically calculate Costs to Cure when tolerance limits are exceeded, and track all versions of Loan Estimates and Closing Disclosures to help ensure compliance.
Improve Collaboration
Secure electronic collaboration enables the electronic exchange of fee data and loan documents throughout the closing process.
Efficiently Validate CD Data
Automatically collect and validate Closing Disclosure data from multiple sources including document preparation service providers, settlement agents, and other authorized third party partners.