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Meet the AI-powered platform driving mortgage automation

Capsilon IQ

Don't let bad data slow you down

Capsilon IQ captures and perfects mortgage data from any source, eliminating manual data entry and comparison, and enabling automation with complete, accurate information from application through post-closing and servicing. 

Companies can use the perfected data to power their own business applications or use Capsilon’s suite of Digital Mortgage apps to eliminate manual work and enhance decision making from application through post-closing and servicing.

We solve the pain points that weigh companies down

Improve the client experience

Identify required documentation up front

Clear conditions faster with less hassle

Speed up cycle times

Lower operational costs

Remove up to 80% of manual work

Reclaim 10+ hours per employee per week

Scale up or down without adding people

Reduce risk

Audit 100% of loan files

Automate compliance checks

Use accurate data in all applications

How Capsilon IQ works

1. Captures mortgage docs & data

Capsilon IQ captures loan information and evidence from any source

  • Pulls data from portals & 3rd party data sources
  • Recognizes & extracts data from documents
  • Enables secure document and folder collaboration, making it easier to communicate & track the status of submissions
Capsilon Mortgage Capture

2. Perfects mortgage loan data

Perfects loan data so complete, accurate information can be used in all business applications

  • Identifies missing documents upfront
  • Automates comparison of data and documents
  • Highlights data mismatches for assessment & conditioning

3. Stores "source of truth" data in a single place

Keeps authoritative, verified records for every customer loan

  • Absorbs millions of data points from documents and digital sources
  • Standardizes data and stores data in a single, big data repository
  • Enables unlimited queries, configurable datasets and quick access across all data and documents
Capsilon IQ Mortgage Data Management

4. Helps automate your business with complete, accurate data

Enables distribution of clean data to Capsilon Digital Mortgage solutions and any 3rd party

  • Exchange data with pre-built LOS integrations
  • Deliver folders to investors and partners (batch and flow)
  • Extract perfected data for your own applications with robust APIs

Realize your investment, fast.
Our average customer ROI is 300% - 500%

Learn how we can boost staff productivity by more than 30% without overhauling your existing infrastructure

"The first day we were blown away - our underwriters were almost giddy- by how quickly we could access loan folders and traverse documents."

Pat Shroeder, Home Point Financial

"Capsilon has the most intuitive software I've ever worked with in my life."

Darlene Sweet, Regency Mortgage Corporation

"Capsilon has been key to helping UWM become #1."

Mat Ishbia, United Wholesale Mortgage