Capsilon Launches Capsilon IQ, Moves From Docs to Data

Evolving from docs to data


Today we announce the biggest change in our 14-year history: the launch of our Capsilon IQ platform and Capsilon Data Audit app, and the rebrand of DocVelocity.

For more than a decade, Capsilon has transformed the way mortgage companies do business. More than 160 mortgage companies rely on our flagship product, DocVelocity, for mission critical business operations; and, 15% of U.S. mortgages touch our system each year.

Mortgage companies are under increasing pressure to deliver faster, easier mortgages at a time when margins are at their lowest point in years. Companies who want to compete need to evolve their businesses and transform how they work. To meet this need, we are expanding the Capsilon platform to harness new technologies that drive this evolution.

Introducing Capsilon IQ

Capsilon IQ

Today, we announce Capsilon IQ, the platform at the heart of the next-generation mortgage operating model. Formerly known as DocVelocity, Capsilon IQ evolved from enterprise-wide document management to end-to-end mortgage automation engine. It combines Intelligent Process Automation with our patented data recognition and extraction technology to create massive efficiencies at every stage of the mortgage lifecycle.

Capsilon IQ transforms the way mortgage companies work, enabling them to create Intelligent Work Experiences that make people more productive and existing systems more powerful.

Capsilon IQ: Document Edition


Capsilon IQ: Document Edition includes the core document management functionality that solves key workforce productivity challenges of managing and manipulating documents. It speeds up loan intake and reduces the manual work associated with handling inbound documents.

Capsilon IQ: Docs + Data Edition


Capsilon IQ: Docs & Data Edition includes all of the features of our Document Edition, plus a new set of tools to help mortgage companies do more with their loan data. It includes Capsilon Mortgage Data Management, a robust data repository that companies can use to power their mortgage business.

The platform absorbs millions of data points from documents and digital sources, and standardizes them into a consolidated record for each loan file. With Mortgage Data Management, companies can ensure data integrity across all business applications.

Companies can also extend Capsilon IQ with productivity boosting apps that speed up teams and their tasks, solving the biggest pain points that weigh mortgage companies down.

NEW Data Audit App

Capsilon Data Audit

A major pain point for many of our customers is the dreaded ‘stare and compare’ process that frustrates staff and takes up valuable time. Capsilon’s new Data Audit app frees up staff time spent searching for docs and data. It is the single place to see and compare data across sources, including the LOS and supporting documents. Capsilon Data Audit flags data mismatches for review so staff can instantly spot where supporting documents and data don’t match.

Capsilon Data Audit boosts data integrity and drives significant productivity gains across functions.


New Capsilon logo and visual identity



As our platform has evolved from document management to data, we recognized our brand needed to evolve too. Today, we’re also introducing new brand identity that better reflects the value we offer to our customers and the bold moves we’re making to help the industry shift from people-powered to software-powered operations.

The logo was rotated to reflect how we are helping to move an industry forward; and a data point was added to the center of the mark to showcase the importance of data in everything that we do.

The logo font was also given substantial weight, to signal our understanding of the importance of Capsilon’s feature set, stability and security to our customers’ success. We know Capsilon IQ drives our customer’s business critical operations and we take that responsibility seriously.


What’s next


We are obsessively focused on building tools that will help our customers make the shift to the next-gen operating model, enabling a modern way of working that is software-powered and data driven.  We are working closely with customers as development partners to address the biggest pain points in their mortgage operations.

If you’re interested in working with Capsilon to move your business forward, we’d be delighted to help. Give us a call or contact us for a demo.

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