Capsilon Introduces First Point of Sale Portals Powered by Intelligent Process Automation


Capsilon TPO Portal, Capsilon LO Portal, and Capsilon Consumer Portal leverage automation to increase the velocity of transactions and optimize the user experience


Capsilon, a provider of comprehensive cloud-based digital mortgage solutions for mortgage companies, today announced the availability of a suite of Mortgage Point of Sale (POS) portals for Third-Party Originators (TPOs), Loan Officers (LOs) and Consumers.


The new Capsilon POS Portals are part of the new Capsilon Digital Mortgage Platform. Only Capsilon Portals leverage Intelligent Process Automation to accelerate loan production and slash labor costs throughout the end-to-end mortgage production process by using contextual intelligence to automatically facilitate key steps within the loan application and loan submission processes.


Using Capsilon POS Portals, originators are able to increase productivity and efficiency by streamlining pricing and automatically generating a list of required documents based on the loan program chosen.


Capsilon POS Portals then automatically identify, name and index related submissions to ensure loans are complete and ready for underwriting. In addition, only Capsilon POS Portals automatically match documents to related conditions, speeding the process and eliminating errors.


The Capsilon LO Portal and the Capsilon TPO Portal enable originators to deliver fully integrated real-time pricing and advanced quote management to their loan officers and broker communities to increase the velocity of completed loan applications. Automated loan set up and document submission capabilities speed the process and slash labor costs. And, the Capsilon LO Portal is integrated with the Capsilon Consumer Portal to enable collaboration that improves loan officer efficiency and increases consumer satifaction.


The Capsilon Consumer Portal elevates the customer experience through automation with a wizard-guided, intuitive user interface, automated data capture that eliminates data entry and improves application quality, tools that let consumers compare loan products, and a task-driven dashboard that guides the borrower through the entire application and document submission process.


The Capsilon TPO Portal and the Capsilon LO Portal give mortgage originators the power to:

  • Increase accuracy, reduce labor costs and eliminate rework with automated loan submission that leverages Capsilon’s patented Automated Document Recognition and Automated Data Extraction technologies.
  • Expedite loan setup, Loan Estimate disclosure, document submission and quality control with Intelligent Process Automation technology.
  • Facilitate loan management with loan pipeline views that highlight key details of loans in process without requiring the LO or TPO to access loans individually.
  • Get accurate real-time pricing quotes with integrated pricing from leading pricing engines including Optimal Blue.
  • Speed loan submissions using the Loan Dashboard’s task-driven workflow.
  • Eliminate loan submission errors by delivering required documents at the time of loan registration.
  • Ensure compliance by providing TRID disclosure notifications and corresponding timeline requirements.
  • Expedite loan submission using Bulk Document Upload capabilities.


The Capsilon Consumer Portal gives originators the ability to:

  • Boost customer satisfaction and speed the application process with a wizard-guided, intuitive user interface.
  • Increase the velocity and quality of the application process with integrated pricing, asset aggregation, credit and AUS systems from leading service providers in the industry.
  • Make underwriting decisions more quickly by capturing data from documents as well as from native data sources (asset aggregators, income verification suppliers, credit report providers, etc.).
  • Ensure compliance with automated Loan Estimate delivery and Closing Disclosure tolerance checks.
  • Give consumers what they need to quickly understand loan options with tools that present loan amount, monthly payment, cost to close, pricing scenarios and loan comparisons.
  • Keep borrowers on track by providing a loan process timeline, tracking guides, and email status updates.
  • Collaborate with borrowers at any point the borrower requests help from a Loan Officer.

“The Capsilon Portals are cutting-edge technology compared to the LOS-based portals,” said Kevin Peranio, chief lending officer of Paramount Residential Mortgage Group. “With the automation the Capsilon Portals offer, we expect not only to increase our loan applications and pull-through rates with a better digital experience, but our consumers will have the tools they need to make better product decisions and stay informed every step of the way.”


“By integrating Optimal Blue’s real-time product eligibility and pricing content directly into the Capsilon Point of Sale Portals, our joint clients benefit from process efficiencies and an engaging origination experience,” said Optimal Blue CEO Scott Happ. “Strategic integrations with digital mortgage technology leaders such as Capsilon will move the industry forward.”


“DocuSign is changing how business gets done by removing the friction inherent in transactions involving people, documents and data,” said Georg Gerstenfeld, general manager and vice president of Global Real Estate Solutions of DocuSign. “That’s something that Capsilon understands – given, as a leader in the mortgage industry, it removes the friction from the loan manufacturing process.”


“We’ve built our portals to improve the user experience and lender economics through automation,” said Sanjeev Malaney, CEO of Capsilon. “Our vision is to transform the manual, paper-based mortgage production process into a data-driven modern digital mortgage factory, and our portals are the ideal gateways to this digital factory.”


In addition to the new suite of Capsilon POS Portals, Capsilon also announced that the technologies used to build the Capsilon POS Portals are available as component technologies that can be embedded into an originator’s proprietary portals or third-party portals. These component portal technologies give originators the ability to leverage automated loan setup, automated document submission and automated conditions management capabilities within their pre-existing portals.



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