Capsilon DocVelocity is the mortgage industry’s best-in-class document and data management platform. Capsilon DocVelocity provides patented document imaging and data capture capabilities that enable mortgage companies to complete transactions in less time and at a lower cost, while ensuring compliance.

With an optimized workflow and ease of data validation, mortgage companies are able to speed transactions with an exception-based model that minimizes human intervention.

Built specifically for the mortgage industry, and with more than 100,000 users at 150+ major lenders, Capsilon DocVelocity sets the standard for document and data management.

With Capsilon DocVelocity, you can:

Onboard Loans in Record Time
Reduce 90% of the time spent, receiving, sorting, naming, and filing documents.
Speed Loan Turn Times
A technology-enabled workflow automates key tasks throughout the loan life cycle.
Upgrade Document Management
Advanced document management capabilities and an optimized user interface speed document review.
Collaborate Efficiently
Real-time sharing and collaboration across departments and organizations enhances communication for fast issue resolution.
Ensure Loan Quality
Automated Data Extraction technology and validation capabilities eliminate time-consuming “stare-and-compare” to automatically ensure data integrity.
Accelerate the Disclosure Process
Electronic signing and electronic vaulting of mortgage documents ensure a smooth, compliant disclosure process.
Automate Delivery
Automatic stacking orders and one-click delivery to service providers, servicing partners and investors.
Minimize Regulatory and Audit Risk
Automated processes eliminate human error, and comprehensive audit trails capture the information regulators demand.

Why do some of the most innovative companies in the mortgage industry depend on Capsilon DocVelocity? Watch the video.

Capsilon DocVelocity automatically recognizes, names, and indexes 250+ standard mortgage documents to board loans up to 90% faster.

Automatically extract critical loan data for evaluating loan quality. DocVelocity transforms the data into MISMO data types for use with automation engines.

With an intuitive user interface that matches your workflow, Capsilon DocVelocity sets a new standard for usability.

DocVelocity is the most intuitive software I’ve ever worked with in my life.

Darlene Sweet Regency Mortgage