How Lenders are Adapting the Next-Gen Mortgage Model

Insights The mortgage industry is going through a technological transformation. Gone are the days of paper applications; today, 43% of...
Dec 14 2018
By Capsilon

How Clean is Your Data?

Insights It’s no secret that many lenders, investors, and servicers are bogged down with operational inefficiencies and rising costs that...
Nov 20 2018
By Sanjeev Malaney

Working Together, We All Win

Insights As anyone who has hailed a cab, booked an airline ticket or purchased goods online can attest, technology has...
Jul 10 2018
By Capsilon

Technology Can Be The Magic That Makes Loan Officers Shine

Insights Will 2019 be the year technology replaces the loan officer?   While this is the hot topic of conversation...
Apr 12 2018
By Capsilon

Assembling Your Symphonic “Dream” Team

Insights I know that when lenders think about Capsilon, they think of it as a digital document management company. Little...
Mar 26 2018
By Capsilon

Ginger Wilcox in her own words

Insights I’ve spent much of the last decade thinking about how technology can improve the home purchase process, starting on...
Feb 14 2018
By Capsilon

Smart Lending Strategies

Insights Eric Kujala, Enterprise Sales Manager at Capsilon Corporation, which provides comprehensive cloud-based document and data management solutions for the...
Sep 4 2017
By Capsilon

Return on Experience = Return on Investment

Insights CHICAGO–For lenders, delivering a good customer experience represents a significant opportunity to drive competitive advantages–but also presents bigger hurdles....
Mar 31 2017
By Capsilon

The Case for Underwriting Technology

Insights   Automating file collection and loan evaluation can reduce processing time and production costs.   The TRID consumer-disclosure rules...
Mar 1 2017
By Capsilon

Expanding The Definition Of ‘Digital Mortgage’

Insights Now that the mortgage industry has largely adapted to life after the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) rule, many lenders...
Jan 20 2017
By Capsilon

Automation: An Underwriter’s New Best Friend

Insights   It is generally acknowledged that underwriting is the most crucial function of the mortgage loan production process. And,...
Sep 19 2016
By Capsilon

Automation is the Answer

Insights   In the face of post-TRID closing delays and rising loan production costs, technology is the industry’s best route...
Aug 1 2016
By 7570pwpadmin